Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Food Tuesday.

Took part in the orientation helpers briefing in college this morning. Didn't consume any food for breakfast and kinda starved for 3 hours ._. with my bestie, which is my partner for registration section.
Finally at 1 pm, we headed to Standing Theory at SS2 since my friend's house is around that area. Standing Theory is prolly the only our waffle place we visited over and over again and will not feel bored of it. It can be considered as our favourite waffle place and it really provides good crispy waffle.

Here's some photos of the enviroment in Standing Theory.
Hey dude.

BBC waffle ! YUMS. Tops with BBC ice cream, sliced banana and bacon <3 p="">

Next, we went to Village Park Nasi Lemak in Uptown Damansara and as mentioned in the name, we were there for their nasi lemak ! A person that don't really fancy nasi lemak (like me) will think its good too, I can't take spicy food but I think their sambal is really yummilicious.

Satisfied with today's food hunting session with Jacelyn and Jerene ! See you guys soon !

Standing Theory SS2
Jalan SS 2/103, SS2, 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Closed on Monday
Tuesday - Sunday 11.am - 11.pm

Village Park Uptown
5, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Open daily 7.am-7.pm except Sunday 7.am to 6.pm

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Trip to Malacca.

I was sleeping in the morning when my mother came into my room. She told me that my aunty and her family are travelling to Malacca and will be staying there for a night. My aunt offered us to tag along with them ! Of course I would like to tag along because I'm a food lover and Malacca is all about food. 

We started our journey at 7.30 AM on Sunday. It took us around 1 hour or so to reach Seremban. We stopped by a local market to have breakfast since it was a little time consuming for us to go to a coffee shop before we leave. 

At Senawang, Negeri Seremban, we asked a local newspaper seller about the good food at the market. The crowd at the market is like how a market should be ! We went to second floor to the food court. There were many varieties of food at the food court. Wan tan mee, Laksa, Popiah, Beef noodle, Char kuey tiao, etc. The newspaper man suggested the beef noodle since that town was famous for it. Its quite special to me because it was the first time I have been to Seremban. We ordered an extra bowl of beef meat balls too. It was yummy as I love meatballs.

Moving on, we continued our journey and it took us around an hour to reach malacca. Traffic was smooth all the way until we enter town. The roads were jam up because there were many traffic lights. We went straight to Jonker's Street as it was the main attaction for tourist as well as local people. 

Jonker Street, is known as the center of Chinatown, it was once reowned of its antique shops. Food, clothing, souvenirs, you name it you'd get it. 

As we were walking along Jonker Street, there was a long queue for the coconut shake. As tourist, we join the queue as well. :D

We stopped by souvenir shops and my mother got herself 2 bottles of aromatic candles. It itch my nose every time I smell it. :<

At 11AM, the sun came out shining brightly and we were all sweaty and hot. The shop lots in Malacca are very long. They'd separate the long shop lot into 2 shops. The front part of the shop and the back part may belong to two different owners. As we entered one of the clothing shop, we came to sense that a cafe is located at the back ! We took our seats at the Daily Fix cafe.

When I was walking around taking photos, I spotted this guy sitting by himself on an antique sewing machine. I thought it'd be cool to get a candid picture of him and it turn out great.

Stairways leading to second floor.

We passed by this cafe/restaurat operated by MAMEE.

This is a shop selling nyonya clothing.

We stayed at the Hatten Hotel which is located in the city center. Surrounded by the historical landmark of Malacca. Below is the view from the Alto Sky Lounge at the roof top.
 And guess who was in town too ! Coincidently, my cousin was in Malacca as well. They came to visit our hotel room as they haven't been in Hatten before.

At night, my cousin was craving for the O Jian located nearby Jonker. It was at a lane which is known as Boon Leong food court in Bunga Raya.

At 10.30PM, my friend came to pick me from Hatten and we had a drive around the city. We visited Newton Food Court and they served really good stingray. Of course we couldn't miss the famous satay celup from Malacca. we googled about midnight satay celup and restaurant Capitol was frequently visited by locals and tourist.

We enjoyed touring around the city with no cars on the road as it was the middle of the night. We thought it's be cool to stop by the landmark of Malacca, Christ Church which is always crowded in the day but empty at the time we were there. The weather was great. The cool wind totally put us to chills.

It was late when we said goodbye to each other and I hope to see him soon too, maybe not in Malacca but in our city. Drive safe Tyson !

The next day, we shopped around Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall as it was just accross the street. Due to the bad weather, we were forced to use the underground tunnel but there were lots of small stalls to look at. Malacca is developing well compared to the last time I visited. We ended up chilling in Starbucks with a nice cup of seasonal drink, the Toffee Nut Latte.

Before leaving town, we went to Hing Loong Restaurant for it's famous Beef Noodle and Pork Noodle. They both come in soup and dry. The soup Beef Noodle is spicy for me so I ordered the dry Pork Noodle instead. My uncle and cousin totally loved the Beef Noodle soup. They pretty much licked the bowl. Here is a picture of the soup Beef Noodle.

Last but not least, we went to Tan Kim Hock Products for cendol because the other cendol stores were out of the way. We tried the durian cendol but I still prefer the gula Malacca original cendol. 

This is the end of our trip to Malacca. It was a relaxing trip and we didn't have to rush for anything and I am happy that my uncle asked us to tag along. 


Friday, February 21, 2014

College life.

wow, how long has it been since the last time i updated my blog ? i cant even remember my link.. i had to google for it. hahahah.

I entered college a few weeks back. My classmates were friendly. As usual, there will be a few groups of 'friends' in class. There are some really shy classmates, really out spoken ones, noisy ones, and of course we have the class clown.

I just had my first solo presentation on Wednesday. My heart was beating as if a bullet train just passed by me. Oh my tian. it was terrifying. Thank God its over.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

happy birthday chip chip :DDDD

a lil too late to post about this,
but this was what i got for my chip chip

lynn (:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

photo session.

u-xinn came back from the states..so mom suggested to had a family photo album:)
here are some of the photos.

lynn (: